The World Music Workshop Festival programmes up to 40 different workshops each day with over 30 world class teachers in dance, voice and percussion forms from around the globe. These workshops run across multiple venues over 3 days and give you the opportunity to learn and take part, whatever your level of ability, from complete beginners to master class.

Here’s a small sample of the type of workshops you can expect to participate in

African Percussion:

Guinea/Malian Djembe (Beginners, intermediate, advanced & masterclass), Senegalese Sabar (Beginners & Advanced), Guinea Dun Dun, Gambian Balafon, Ghanaian Xylophone, Ghanaian K-Panlogo, Senegalese Kora, Senegalese Tama (Talking Drum), Guinean Krin and Balon

World Percussion:

Brazilian Samba, Brazilian Pandeiro, Cuban Conga and Bata, Irish Bodhran, Brazilian Berimbau, Peruvian Cajon, Hang and Udu percussion, Australian Didgeridoo, Egyptian Darabuka and Frame Drum, Beatbox Voice Workshops, Native American Flute & Frame Drum. Body Percussion, Zimbawean Mbira and Voice, Indian Tabla, Chinese Gongs and Bells

World Dance:

Spanish Flamenco, Sengalese and Guinean African Dance, Congolese Zoukous Dance, Brazilian Samba & Folkloric Dance, Egyptian Belly Dance, Brazilian Capoeira, South Italian Folk Dance, Indian Bhangra & Bollywood Dance, Cuban Popular and Folkloric Dance, Zulu Dance, Animal Spirit Dance, Yoga and Tai Chi.

The workshop timetable will be published shortly before the event which can then be downloaded or purchased at the event.  

If you want an idea of what to expect, you can browse through our 2017 programme here.