The Sweetbeats headline our opening last night on Sunday. Jamaica is where this music starts - the journey ends in bliss. The soaring saxophone and double-trouble trombone energise your soul while the sweet vocal harmonies entrance your heart. Chunkin rhythms and addictive riffs keep you rocking all night - Resistance is Futile!

Formed in 2003, The SweetBeats are an 8-piece Rocksteady dance band - the melodic, soulful missing link between 1960s upbeat SKA and chilled-down Reggae of early ‘70s Jamaica. With a selection of original songs and classic rare-grooves, a heady mix is brewed of irresistible harmonies, luscious horns and deep dance beats. 

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2018 Performance

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Find the Sweat Beats at http://www.thesweetbeats.co.uk/