Mim Suleiman

Mim Suleiman started hearing stream of voices, rythm and poetry coming out her being while working as a teaching metallurgical technician at The University of Birmingham. With no musical background whatsoever, Mim Suleiman left her job to pursue her dream. Tanzania-born (Zanzibar to be specific) singer/songwriter performer Mim Suleiman's eclectic soulful being revels in her East African vocals and percussion traditions. She has been described as a fiery singer who never fails to indulge her audience! She is a versitile vocalist and vibrant performer. "Think of Miriam Makeba, meets Aretha Franklin........Mim show-stopping performace is already the talk of the town" (Dave Jarvis.) ''Soulful, soaring, deep, and divine. Mim's presence and music is a blessing'' (mpenzi). She is a recording artist and has played from Asia to Europe.

Her music ranges from soul, blues, funk, house, jazz, rock and dance tracks, to her African heritage. She writes in English and Swahili (her native tongue) and sings in a variety of languages including Fula. She is currently working hard to complete her first album with producer Maurice Fulton called Tungi.

Mim Suleiman’s love and enthusiasm for the melodies and rhythms she shares in her workshops make your heart rise up and your vocal chords join in before you’re even aware of it. She sings out lines for us to mimic and throws out sarongs so we can tie them to our hips, and bop to her bouncy East African grooves. “Exactly!” she says, after we attempt to wind our tongues around the complicated sounds coming from her smiley mouth. “As long as it sounds like it anyway,” and we know that whatever it is that we’re actually singing,

Year Contributions
2018 Performance and Workshops