Jon Sterckx

We are delighted to welcome back percussionist Jon Sterckx who will be running workshops using Kashaka or Cas Cas depending on your familiarity with the instrument. Kashaka/Cas Cas workshops are a fantastic & very underrated & underused instrument in which Jon is keen to try to generate more interest . As you probably know, while on the one hand, they are a very simple shaker - they are also capable of some amazing rhythms & particularly good for learning/teaching polyrhythm. Various advanced techniques are also possible, taking them to another level.
They are also very good for developing left/right hand independence & tightening up timing, developing supple wrists & forearms - a great tool for all musicians & for percussionists & drummers in particular.
Videos of these instruments can be found here:
Jon Sterckx is a versatile & innovative percussionist with over 25 years experience of working with world percussion.

Equally at home playing traditional world music forms and more contemporary 'fusion' music, his charismatic stage presence, virtuosic playing and rhythmic dexterity has enthralled and delighted audiences across the UK at venues ranging from concert halls to festivals, Mela's and cultural events.

 Jon will also be performing his soundscapes concert for us on Thursday night.

Year Contributions
2018 Friday Evening Performance and Indian Rhythm Workshops


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